Meet Jonas and Jakob

Together, they designed the VeloStage.

Jonas Skielboe, the founder of VeloConcerts, came to Jakob Illera from INSEQ design with a clear vision in mind; developing a light-weight, sustainable stage that mounts onto a cargo bike. Together, they created the VeloStage.

Jakob specializes in industrial design and technical consulting. His product designs explore the borders between technology, science and art. We think he is a bit of a genius and love having him on our team. Our products are continually evolving as we strive to make our stages better, lighter and packed with new and useful features.

Our technical engineering combines a clean design with the compact transport of a professional sound system that doesn’t rely on an external power source. The VeloStage is incredibly mobile thanks to the help of an e-bike motor that makes for easy and safe transport, uphill and down.

There’s no need for any tools and no risk of forgetting an important component. Packing and unpacking a stage that can host up to 8 performers can be achieved in minutes.


Since we started in 2019 with our first prototype it took us three years to develop the stage that fulfils our requirements. The process contained quite some challenges: the biggest issue was to get the stage light enough, while remaining strong and sustainable to produce. The first stage we had was ninety kilos and we manage now with our newest stage to halve that weight.

Our aim was also to make a Stage that can host any type of event from Classical to Rock.

About the VeloStage

Each VeloStage is a custom design.

We assemble and manufacture the VeloStages at our workshop in Vienna together with Jakob Illera from INSEQ Design. The material we use for our stages is typically used in the aviation industry, thanks to its lightweight properties. Wherever possible, we use regional, responsibly sourced materials, and we try to make everything as sustainable as possible. Our products are modular, meaning that every part of the VeloStage can be repaired or replaced and recycled. You can also choose the design and colour of the stage, brand the bike panels, and customise the sound setup to suit your needs.

We want you to enjoy your VeloStage for many years to come and are always here to service your product,

Whether you are renting or buying your very own VeloStage, our team is dedicated to making sure that you have the best possible outdoor performance experience!

2020: VeloConcerts Austria Tour

2020 we went on a road trip together with some amazing local artists, team members and a film crew to test the possibilities of the VeloStage. We biked 800km through Austria in all weather conditions, to demonstrate that sustainable, COVID-safe, no-emission tours are possible. The support from the local communities was overwhelming, which goes to show that our motto of “unfolding culture” everywhere matters now more than ever.