The Podium

Enjoy the benefits of a fully equipped stage without the need of a technical team or external power source. 

We´ve folded a classical stage into a lightweight format that lets the performance begin upon arrival. 


Technical Specs

We have an integrated sound and light system in the podium. With our wish to present a clean design we have inlays of LED light in the podium and the sound equipment is all not visible for the audience.


We offer a podium that can host up to 8 musicians at the time. When needed we have integrated seats that will be take from the VELLO-bikes and nicely fitted into the podium.


Our sound system consist of:

MIXER: 12 Channel digital mixer that offers the possibility to have a profile for each musicians in order to avoid soundcheck on spot. All controlled by the musicians from the included Ipad offered by VeloConcerts. Soundcraft Ui12

PA: Battery powered linear-array PA System, with up to six hours of play time. JBL EON ONE PRO